Prove Marketing’s Value

We all know that metrics are critical in marketing – and there’s a wealth of metrics available to measure and report on.

Choose the right ones, and you can prove marketing’s value, justify your marketing spend, and demonstrate marketing’s impact on the business. But the wrong metrics distract you from what’s important, by focusing your attention on areas that don’t matter to the business and have little impact on the bottom line.

When it comes to measurement, it’s not about measuring things right, but measuring the right things. 

We will help you:

  • Measure your success around what’s critical to the business, not just marketing 
  • Avoid the vanity metrics that deliver no commercial value
  • Elevate marketing’s standing in your company by demonstrating its contribution


You can then have the confidence you’re reporting on what’s business-critical and show you’re making a difference.

Check out this video to understand how you should be measuring your customer acquisition activity. 

 Or get in touch with Lara Bonney to talk about your acquisition strategy.

Tapestry has fully dissected our data and helped us to introduce triggered campaigns such as lapsed customer emails, anniversary emails and new customer mailings. They have supported us throughout the test and roll-out process, crucially measuring the impact to ensure that it is both adding to the customer experience and providing a return on investment.

Andrew Peirce
Managing Director Cosyfeet