We do…Campaign Planning & Execution

We work with you to turn insights and strategy into successful campaigns. We advise on tactics and recommend digital and media partners. If you wish, we can also provide end-to-end catalogue and print campaign management and execution

We work in partnership with you to turn insight into action.

We work out exactly what’s best for your customer relationship management (CRM) and campaigns, and what will increase your customers’ lifetime value (LTV). We might recommend anything from email segmentation to digital display, social media influencers to direct mail or inserts – or all of these and more.

Your customers use all the marketing channels and so do we. There are no favourites.

And rest assured, we’ll pick up on any new channels as soon as they’re invented. We recommend the best digital and media partners, ensuring all your media and data make sense, and we measure the customer and ROI outcomes.

    We don’t do creative (although we will always have an opinion). But we do offer cataloguing expertise.

    We can provide end-to-end catalogue and print campaign management and execution if you need it.

    Tapestry has fully dissected our data and helped us to introduce triggered campaigns such as lapsed customer emails, anniversary emails and new customer mailings. They have supported us throughout the test and roll-out process, crucially measuring the impact to ensure that it is both adding to the customer experience and providing a return on investment.

    Andrew Peirce
    Managing Director Cosyfeet