We do…Digital Transformation

We help you to understand and evaluate your customers’ chosen channels. This enables you to reach a wider digital audience, unlock growth, improve your ROI and marketing efficiency, reduce channel dependence and mitigate risk.

Using our technical systems to improve your marketing processes Tapestry moves clients from campaign to customer centric strategies – using data driven customer understanding and measures to drive product and marketing decisions. Purchasing and channel insights inform product, personalisation and promotion planning improving margin, and marketing efficiencies deliver more “bang for your buck”.

We use engagement, lifetime attribution and matrix analysis, together with rigorous incrementality testing, to unlock confident channel development and agility for your business.

Digital transformation delivers:

  • Channel control, which improves ROI and reach, as it gives you the ability to switch and mix channels; this allows you to respond to market volatility and opportunities, diversifying and expanding your audience.
  • A flexible array of marketing levers to manage funding, budgets and growth, facilitated by accurate growth scenarios and forecasts and with thought-through, managed risk; this ensures you take full advantage of everything digital can bring to your business.

Tapestry helps us to work existing strategies harder and test new tactics in the right way by using data to understand what each type of customer needs to engage with us. They help us measure the effectiveness of each activity through incrementality testing and matrix measurement, to keep our marketing spend ratio to sales as low as possible while we grow.

Ryan Shannon
Managing Director, BAM