We do…Analytics & Insight

We reveal the treasures hidden in your data to provide vital information about your customers. We recommend CRM and customer acquisition strategies derived from the data and our many successful years of doing it for ourselves

Data is the marketing gold hidden in your own back yard. Analysis unlocks it, insight interprets it and recommendations turn it into strategy.

We offer you a combination of clever tech and customer analytics, coupled with longstanding and extensive marketing knowhow. This ensures we create actionable and achievable data-driven strategies to meet your objectives, with built-in agility to help you respond rapidly to both sudden success and unforeseen glitches – like the Covid-19 pandemic.

How we use marketing science to transform your data into increased customer engagement

  • We score channel engagement and value segmentation to predict channel behaviour.
  • We use product category association analysis to predict which prospects are most and least likely to purchase.
  • Customer lifetime value is used to focus marketing investment; we rescue lapsing customers and reactivate those that have lapsed.
  • We optimise new customer messaging and development, transforming customers from low to high value.
  • Attribution, matrix and ROI modelling identify which media and channels are delivering and their affordable cost, while rigorous incrementality testing aids confident decision making.
  • We minutely track segment performance to identify opportunities and weaknesses, and ensure short-term channel development meets your long-term objectives.

Understanding and predicting the movement between the segments based on performance and engagement (we call it snakes and ladders) unlocks accurate segment growth forecasting. This step up from Binary or Growth Planner forecasting is remarkably accurate and enables dependable business and financial decisions.

Tapestry has given us the tools, insight and expertise to change our marketing strategy to focus on the customer. We now segment our customers and test different offers, messages and formats across channels, measuring their incremental effectiveness, giving us a deeper understanding of how to engage different customer groups.

Tracey Putt
Managing Director, Museum Selection