The Tapestry Agency delivers data insight and marketing strategy through customer understanding.

Helping multi-channel retailers grow faster and more profitably

Tapestry is a specialist team of highly experienced marketers and analysts who have spent years analysing and interpreting the behaviour of customers like yours. We use data insights to understand how your customers engage with your brand across all the channels, and then help you build workable strategies that get the maximum from your marketing budget.

You want to attract new retail customers and build loyalty in your existing customer base. We will show you how to do this efficiently, using ideas that can adapt as your business grows and develops.

We help you create customer-led tools and implement intelligent, affordable, low-risk strategies to accelerate growth and increase your profitability.

We pull together all your customer data, analyse it until it squeaks, and use our findings to tell you how to wring maximum value from your marketing budget. We recommend customer-first strategies, refining and redefining the way you recruit and retain customers. And then we work with you to develop and drive highly effective multi-channel campaigns.

Why we’re different…

It’s all about experience. Our advice to you is based on a lifetime immersed in customer-centric, results-focused marketing. Between our four Tapestry partners we have over 100 years of multi-channel and technical retail experience. If you add in our Chairman, that’s about 300 years. Well, maybe 140.

We’ve been there, done it, bought the t-shirt, torn it up and wiped the engine with it.

We help you identify your best customers and understand how they want to shop. We help you talk their language, and find more people like them. In today’s digital world, the only way to achieve sustainable growth and profit is by listening to your customers and understanding how they interact with you.


Based on analysis and insight, we use our experience and expertise to recommend and develop customer-led CRM and acquisition strategies. We help you set budgets, evaluate risk, and model growth scenarios to meet your objectives.

Customer Data Platform

Data is at the core of your business, and it informs, drives and guides everything we do. Our customer data platform is the engine room of our business and it enjoys all the attention, care and security of a Formula 1 workshop.

Campaign Planning & Execution

We work with you to turn insights and strategy into successful campaigns. We advise on tactics and recommend digital and media partners. If you wish, we can also provide end-to-end catalogue and print campaign management and execution.

Digital Transformation

We help you to understand and evaluate your customers’ chosen channels. This enables you to reach a wider digital audience, unlock growth, improve your ROI and marketing efficiency, reduce channel dependence and mitigate risk.

Analysis & Insight

We reveal the treasures hidden in your data to provide vital information about your customers. We recommend CRM and customer acquisition strategies derived from the data and our many successful years of doing it for ourselves.

International Growth

We know the marketplaces and can support your campaigns in English-speaking territories (the USA, Canada and Australia) and elsewhere (e.g. the EU and South Korea). We also have expert contacts across the world if you need them.