The Tapestry Agency delivers data insight and marketing strategy through customer understanding.

Helping multi-channel retailers grow faster and more profitably

Make strategic marketing decisions – driven by customer data – with absolute confidence.

By understanding how your customers engage across channels and how this behaviour changes over time, we’ll build you a multi-channel marketing strategy that squeezes every drop out of your budget to attract new customers, increase retention and create loyalty.

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Grow your Business Faster

If you’re going to build your business you must attract new, profitable customers. But first you need to understand the behaviour and preferences of those who already buy from you. It’s all in your data – if you know where to look.

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Invest in the Right Channels

Your customers jump between a dizzying array of marketing channels and touchpoints without a second thought. Uncovering the true role that each of these play in engaging, converting and retaining customers is key to a successful marketing strategy.

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Grow your Profitability

With your competition just a click away, acquiring new customers is only half the battle. Repeat purchases, loyalty and brand advocacy are the keys to profitable growth.

By understanding the factors that influence customer value, you can modify campaigns, promotional activity and spend to increase profitability.

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Traditional retail models are undergoing unprecedented change. Today’s consumers want immediate, easy, 24/7 shopping experiences. And, increasingly, they seek these experiences online at the expense of the high street.

We believe the only way to plan for what’s around the corner – with confidence – is with data. Customer understanding must sit at the heart of your business, driving every decision.

Growth and profitability can be found by unlocking customer insight and using this understanding to make the right decisions, every time.

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Data & Insight

Customer data should sit at the heart of your business, driving every decision. It’s not about the data you have; it’s how you use it to derive more meaningful insights for your marketing that really counts.  

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Multi-Channel Strategy

By understanding the behaviour of your best customers, you’re primed to build a marketing strategy that refines (or even redefines) how you acquire and retain more like them.

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Campaign Planning and Execution

From digital to end-to-end catalogue campaign management, we’ll be your driving force in attracting and retaining new customers, while supporting your marketing team every step of the way.

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It’s refreshing to work with a data insight agency that doesn’t just send customer analytic reports. They tell us what the key learnings are, give us practical recommendations on how to respond to opportunities and challenges identified by our customer data, and help us to set up, execute and measure tests to change behaviour.

Zoe Bray

Marketing Director, Celtic & Co

Tapestry has given us the tools, insight and expertise to change our marketing strategy to focus on the customer. We now segment our customers and test different offers, messages and formats across channels, measuring their incremental effectiveness, giving us a deeper understanding of how to engage different customer groups.

Tracey Putt

Managing Director, Museum Selection