The Tapestry Agency delivers data insight and marketing strategy through customer understanding

We help retailers grow smarter, faster and more profitably.


Tapestry provides small to medium sized multi-channel retailers with the tools and strategies to accelerate growth and increase profitability at an affordable cost. We help you find new customers and make customers more loyal through new marketing channels, improved performance of existing channels or both.


We pull retail customer data together, analyse it to understand it, use the insight to recommend cross channel marketing strategies that recruit and retain customers at the right rate for you and help you to execute campaigns.

Tapestry can help if you have priorities such as:

Recruit new customers that pay back at the right pace to grow your business

Reduce the time it takes for a customer to place a second order


Optimise your average order value


Reactivate lapsing customers

Convert people that interact with your website and social content into customers

Increase how frequently your customers place orders


Create brand advocates

Improve the return from your marketing channel mix


Why we are different

Experience counts for everything. The proven track record of our people shortcuts your learning curve immeasurably. Tapestry's team of marketers and analysts have spent decades putting customers at the heart of multi-channel retailing.

Your customers use all the marketing channels and so do we. Tapestry is channel and media neutral, everything may be pulled into play to maximise your marketing budget. We follow your customer across the channels based on data insight; channels such as catalogue, inserts, off the page, email, social media, mobile, display, paid and social search, search engine optimisation, influencers, content, TV, outdoors, door drop, point of sale and more.  

You can rely on us to do the heavy lifting around data to make sense of the changing multi-channel preferences of your customers and create marketing campaigns that engage with them on their terms. 


Our services

Models and Segments

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Turning insight into action is the key to profitable marketing. Once we understand your customers, Tapestry uses this knowledge to model, score and segment them in a personalized and iterative way to predict how they are likely to behave in the future. We respond to changes and follow the customers as they move in and out of channels.

Strategy and Campaigns

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Intelligent use of data insight puts your customer at the heart of your marketing strategy. Analysis, reporting, modelling and segmenting data gives the insight but it’s the “been there and done it” experience and instinct to interpret the insight that enables Tapestry to recommend the best marketing strategies that recruit and retain customers for business growth in line with your goals.  We work with you to turn strategy into actionable campaigns and can even do some of the leg work to make the campaigns happen.

Customer Data Platform

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Customer data is your company's most valuable asset. Our aim is to give you a clear 'single view' of your customer’s interactions across all channels to make sure that your marketing strategy is informed by reliable and trustworthy data insight. The Tapestry Customer Data Platform pulls together your customer’s shopping and engagement activity across all your brand’s touchpoints and we shape your data into a form that works for you, not for us or any other businesses. 

Customer Reports and Online Dashboard

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You know that not all customers are the same. But what are the differences that really matter when it comes to engaging your customers and making your marketing campaigns more effective? We use our expertise to sift through your customer data to understand who your customers are, how they engage with your brand and how valuable they are. We simplify this insight for you through a suite of easy to read bespoke and regular reports along with an online dashboard of sales key performance indicators (KPIs), that are aligned with your goals. Several reports are unique to Tapestry, tailored specifically to measure your business the way you want to measure it. 

Working with you

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We hold your hand every step of the way, meeting you face to face every month to summarise opportunities identified by your bespoke reports, to recommend changes to strategy and to suggest new things to try based on evidence in the data. We set you challenges and help you deliver campaigns that engage the customer and grow your business.  

Data Protection

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Customers are more aware of how their data is used and the marketing landscape is more regulated so data protection should be an integral part of marketing strategy. Tapestry can help you strike the right balance between customer engagement and data compliance, making sure that you meet the new higher standards of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the upcoming changes to The Privacy & Electronic Communications Regulation (PECR), while still creating strong customer connections.


Who we are

David Lockwood

co-founder, director


After 22 years at the multi-channel retail coal face, David is as close to a data driven marketing guru as you can get. As Director of Global Marketing at Boden, he managed a 30 strong team with a £70m budget delivering 20% growth and transforming customer recruitment from 60% offline to 60% digital.

Lara Bonney

co-founder, director

client services

Lara has over 25 years’ experience of helping multi-channel retail marketers use data insight to engage better with new and existing customers. She has seen both sides of the multi-channel retail fence. Most recently Chief Marketing Officer at global fashion brand Long Tall Sally, she built her reputation as Managing Director of data solutions at Epsilon Abacus. 

Robert Colquhoun

co-founder, director


Multi-channel entrepreneur, Robert is a strategic thinker and problem solver with experience in early and mid-stage fast growth and competitive multi-channel retail environments. Lately a Director and Investor in furniture brand Myakka and marketing consultant to several growing multi-channel businesses.

Bryan Mayoh


Bryan is a stalwart of the multi-channel retail world. As Chairman of The Javelin Group (‘Experts in Multi-Channel’) management consultancy, he oversaw its growth from start-up through to its sale to Accenture Plc, achieving annual sales of over £32 million pa at its height.


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