Grow your Business Faster

If you’re looking to grow (and let’s face it, who isn’t), you need to attract new, profitable customers.

But first you need to understand the behaviour and preferences of those who already buy from you.

It’s all in your data – if you know where to look.

In developing a customer acquisition strategy, our analysts will help you understand:

  • Which products your most valuable customers buy first
  • Which channels recruit the most repeat-purchase customers
  • How to recruit customers through specific channels
  • The future value of newly acquired customers
  • How to forecast growth to inform your marketing budget decisions

With Tapestry at your side, you can find these answers (and more) within your customer data.

Interested to see how we did this in real-life? Check out how we helped Biscuiteers recruit more profitable customers.

Or get in touch with Lara Bonney to talk about your acquisition strategy.


It’s refreshing to work with a data insight agency that doesn’t just send customer analytic reports. They tell us what the key learnings are, give us practical recommendations on how to respond to opportunities and challenges identified by our customer data, and help us to set up, execute and measure tests to change behaviour.

Zoe Bray
Marketing Director, Celtic & Co