What we do

Your Three Steps to Profitable Growth with Tapestry

You want to attract new customers, increase retention and build loyalty. Perhaps you are also looking to enter new markets or territories. Or maybe you want a single view of your customers to know what marketing is working (and what’s not) so you can optimise your spend.

 Wherever you are on your journey, grow faster and more profitably by putting customer understanding at the heart of your business.

Data & Insight

Use your data to understand your customers’ behaviour, identify your best customers, how they shop with you, early signs of lapsing behaviour and which levers are most likely to have a positive impact on their customer lifetime value.

By turning data into insight, you’ll be ready to make those all-important strategic marketing decisions – with confidence.

Multi-channel Strategy

By understanding the behaviour of your best customers, we’ll build you a marketing strategy that refines (or even redefines) how you acquire and retain more like them.

We’ll provide clarity on which channels to invest in, help set budgets, evaluate risk, and model growth scenarios to meet your objectives.

Campaign Planning & Execution

Turn insight into action. From digital to end-to-end catalogue campaign management, and everything in between, we’ll be on hand to support your marketing team every step of the way.

Offering tactical advice and access to digital and media partners, we’ll be your driving force in executing campaigns to attract and retain new customers, both at home and in overseas markets.