Invest in the Right Channels

Today’s consumers want immediate, easy, 24/7 shopping experiences. They jump between a dizzying array of marketing channels and touchpoints without a second thought.

For you, uncovering the true role that each of these play in engaging, converting and retaining customers is key to a successful marketing strategy.

We help you understand:

  • Your marketing channel interactions and how they perform in tandem
  • The incremental value of each marketing channel
  • The performance of channels over time
  • The accuracy of tactical reporting, such as social media
  • How to spend your marketing budget more efficiently across channels

With Tapestry at your side, you can find these answers (and more) within your customer data. As a result, you’ll make informed marketing decisions based on what’s working (and what’s not), the relationship between touchpoints and the impact on customer behaviour.

Check out how we helped BAM better understand marketing channel attribution.

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Tapestry helps us to work existing strategies harder and test new tactics in the right way by using data to understand what each type of customer needs to engage with us. They help us measure the effectiveness of each activity through incrementality testing and matrix measurement, to keep our marketing spend ratio to sales as low as possible while we grow.

Ryan Shannon
Managing Director, BAM