We do…Customer Data Platform

Data is at the core of your business, and it informs, drives and guides everything we do. Our customer data platform is the engine room of our business and it enjoys all the attention, care and security of a Formula 1 workshop.

The customer data platform provides all the secure data services necessary to support your sales and marketing, and is essential to protect and underpin the value of the intellectual property in your brand. And if the customer data platform is the engine room, the single customer view we build for your data is the engine itself.

We start by taking pretty much all your customer, transactional, product and engagement data. We allow plenty of time at this stage for data set-up, culminating in validating our records against yours.

We then ensure your data is siloed, secure, compliant and cloud stored in the UK, and insured to the hilt. We review your client-facing privacy statements and advise on compliance and permission improvements.

    Once the customer data platform is ready to receive your manual or automated regular data feeds, we start servicing all your digital and offline data needs – managing data health and compliance, connecting with data partners, online sales dashboard, analytics, campaign reporting, and data compliance querying. A monthly suite of performance and analysis reports forms the basis of your strategy insight sessions.

    Tapestry’s people have the multi-channel market experience and analytical know-how to understand our customers and the challenges we face.

    Hilary Cutler
    Commercial Director, Suttons