We do…International Growth

We know the marketplaces and can support your campaigns in English-speaking territories (the USA, Canada and Australia) and elsewhere (e.g. the EU and South Korea). We also have expert contacts across the world if you need them.

Whether you already export your goods and services across borders, or are looking to grow into an international company, we can help. We have expertise in international DM and ecommerce marketing, and can extend our data insights about your customers into a wide range of world marketplaces.

We provide the same services, recommendations and contacts for most English-speaking territories and a couple of the non-English. And if we can’t, we likely know someone who can.

Working with the Tapestry team is making a real difference to our marketing effort. We benefit from their extensive marketing experience in different multi-channel retail backgrounds and their knowledge of international markets such as the US has helped us plan the right marketing mix across our territories.

Zoe Bray
Marketing Director, Celtic & Co