Whether new, or ones worth being reminded about, these ideas and observations from ecommerce leaders, courtesy of our Retail and Ecommerce Main Event discussions, are essential considerations for any multi-channel business.

1. Focus on a few KPIs – but make sure they’re real, actionable business drivers, not vanity metrics.

2. Making informed decisions should be 60% data-based and 40% gut feel. 

3. Write your content based on your customers’ needs, not those of your company or search engines.

4. For new customers, focusing on the speed to their second order is critical.

5. 70% is a good in-store customer sign up rate and one you should be aiming for at the minimum.

6. Maximise your chances of being found online by thinking about how consumers search and the words they use. Instead of ‘marigold’, use ‘yellow’.

7. Consumers often need to see a message up to eight times across any touchpoint before they’ll act.

8. If you’re focusing on improving the wrong metric, you’re hurting your business.

9. Understanding why people stop buying from you is just as important as understanding why they originally purchased.

10. 75% of Meta ads are still on Facebook, so don’t ignore this platform in favour of Instagram or WhatsApp when targeting younger demographics.

11. The integrity of your data feed is a competitive advantage.

12. Test different print formats – be that postcards, A5, letters, one-piece mailers, wraps etc. – to learn what works, rather than relying on just one.

13. Build your Conversion Rate Optimisation programme around small incremental gains – there’ll never be a single change that will make a dramatic difference.

14. Run a test for two weeks – maximum four. Continuing with something that’s not working means you’re foregoing the opportunity cost of testing something that does.

15. Ensure your marketing is obsessing on the customer, not the campaign.

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