We are delighted to announce that Tapestry’s very first client – the UK’s favourite supersoft and sustainable activewear brand, BAM Bamboo Clothing  – has retained Tapestry’s customers insight and marketing strategy services for a third year.

Over the last few years Tapestry has helped BAM to understand how their customers engage with their marketing activity across all existing channels and a host of new ones. Full channel attribution is the holy grail and together we have made great strides towards it. Setting up and measuring channel incrementality tests has helped us to fractionally allocate sales to channels and media sources. The tests show the level of influence each channel has during the customer journey and which is used to constantly improve the attribution accuracy. This approach to channel attribution and measurement has given the team at BAM the confidence to refine their marketing strategy. Guided by Tapestry, they now invest significantly more of their marketing budget into digital channels, while optimising reliable offline channels such as the catalogue and the famous “sock pack”. This strategy contributed to 45% demand growth in 2020, following 30% growth in 2019.

Ryan Shannon, Managing Director at BAM, said: “We not only rely heavily on Tapestry to support our business, but we really enjoy working with them. I see Tapestry as part of the BAM team, and they are integral to our current and future success. It’s also really pleasing to see the growth and success of the wider Tapestry business – just rewards for the risk and efforts the founding team took and put in.”

Robert Colquhoun, Founder and CEO at Tapestry, said: “It’s been an absolute pleasure working with such an innovative clothing brand as they continue to deliver a more personalised service to customers across all channels. Having seen a significant uplift in international sales, we’re also looking forward to helping BAM ramp up their international marketing activity over the next twelve months. With sustainability at the forefront of customers’ minds at the moment, it’s certainly an exciting time for BAM.”

Tapestry will continue to provide a full range of services in 2021 that includes hosting BAM data from all sources to create a single customer view, creation of a suite of marketing reports and models updated monthly, customer data interpretation and marketing strategy delivered in weekly calls and monthly meetings with the in-house team. Channel attribution reports and customer growth forecasting model are front and centre of all marketing decisions. In addition, Tapestry provides campaign planning, data selection, processing and deduplication services for the catalogue and sock pack. In 2021, Tapestry will provide customer reporting and marketing strategy as BAM expand their marketing reach to include the US, Netherlands, Sweden, France and Germany.

About BAM Clothing

When founder David discovered soft and sustainable bamboo, he knew he’d found a viable and sustainable business. That was 2006. From the early days of David running the business from his garage, to today’s team of 40, BAM has David’s core values running through it. BAM offers an excellent product with excellent service, with sustainability at the core. For more information see BAM website