Premium gifting business Biscuiteers has gone from strength to strength since it launched some fifteen years ago under the banner of “why send flowers when you can send Biscuiteers?” Aside from its thriving D2C offering, Biscuiteers is also known for its prestigious wholesale partnerships with Harrods, Fortnum & Mason, Liberty, The Savoy and Selfridges, to name a few.

As part of its ambitious five-year growth plan, Biscuiteers chose Tapestry to help enhance the marketing team’s capabilities by bringing in strategic and analytical expertise to improve customer insight and growth.

In particular, Tapestry’s customer forecast model helps the marketing team effectively plan for growth by enabling them to better understand customer flows for acquisition and retention. By mapping out Biscuiteers’ key customer segments and analysing customer behaviours over time, Tapestry has helped to identify how individuals move between the different groups, allowing for more accurate forecasting.

Harriet Hastings, Founder, Biscuiteers, said: “We  enjoy working with Tapestry because the process is very collaborative. We set the agenda, and Tapestry supports us every step of the way. Over the last few years, Tapestry has formalised our marketing strategy by helping us to put customer data insight front and centre of our decision-making process. This gives us the evidence we need to adapt our marketing spend across the channels for deeper customer engagement and better return on investment”.

Robert Colquhoun, Co-founder and CEO at Tapestry, said: “It’s been great to help Biscuiteers implement a robust growth model to build on customer insight and growth. Today, the marketing team has a more holistic view of channel performance, while also benefiting from ad hoc analytics to test and optimise individual channels as and when required. ”

In 2021, Tapestry will continue to provide strategic support on existing marketing activities, as well as helping the team further improve conversion rates among recipients of purchased gift items. Tapestry will also help Biscuiteers test new customer acquisition channels such as out-of-home and TV. You can read more in this case study.

About Biscuiteers

Biscuiteers was founded in 2007 with a mission to offer a unique, stylish and personalised gifting solution by launching collections of beautifully iced biscuits in fabulous packaging. Fast forward to 2020 and the team hand-iced over 2.5 million biscuits which they delivered to customers all over the world. Biscuiteers also won ‘Best e-commerce in lockdown’ at the 2020 e-commerce awards. As a member of British luxury brand sector body, Walpole, quality and design are at the heart of Biscuiteers. For more information, visit