Claire Odom, Client Strategy Director

Our last blog outlined five consideration areas for e-commerce retailers as we approach the critical Black Friday period. But what online and offline tactics can you implement to make the most of this period? Well, here are several ideas that are worth looking into.  

Tactics for digital

While we’re facing economic challenges, this is not feeding into lower digital media costs. Indeed, expect to pay higher prices over this period to secure what you need. But these may be sweetened by higher conversion rates, with many shoppers holding off making purchasing decisions to take advantage of deals over Black Friday. 

Promote early: We mentioned it in the last blog, but it’s worth reiterating. Promote early, drive awareness, and build your audience in anticipation of when your offers go live.

Understand your key metrics: Optimise your bidding strategies to acquire customers that will become profitable. This is achieved by knowing your actual acquisition costs, how new customers will feed into your customer retention programme, and their anticipated future value.  

Engage your loyal customers: Black Friday’s more than just acquisition. Ensure your email database has high engagement and deliverability amongst your loyal, profitable customers. And focus on email best practices to deliver campaigns that persuade and convert.  

Speed up conversions: Use timed promotions, countdown clocks and low stock messaging to reduce the consideration cycle, encourage action and get people to buy quicker.  


Tactics for direct mail

With increased competition on the doormat, planned Royal Mail strikes, and postage cost rises in November, there’s much to consider around your printed media. While it goes without saying your mailing must stand out amongst all the other post, here are four different focus areas that can help improve your activity.    

Sell to your sales-orientated and seasonal groups: Target your Black Friday and discount-only buyers with strong offers. Identify and promote to those Christmas buyers who only purchase from you this time of year and offer incentives to maintain or reactivate lapsing or lapsed customers. 

Be clear: Highlight timed promotions and maximum discounts. Show what the monetary savings are in your price panels. Offer tiered discounts to improve order values and draw attention to limited stocks. Above all, make it easy for your customer to notice your key promotional messages.    

Think beyond the sale: Add a Christmas card with the products you send out promoting a New Year offer to encourage future purchases. And during this growth period, highlight refer-a-friend opportunities in your welcome emails to further build your customer base. 

Monitor operations: Strong sales? Then be ready to message your customers about any delivery delays to set expectations and allow your teams to catch up before the Christmas rush. But if they’re coping, consider extending your last order dates and gain extra trading days.  

Whatever your approach, with a fast-changing economic climate, ensure your strategy is flexible so you can take advantage of opportunities or react to situations as they arise. 

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