With the end of 3rd party cookies in sight and tests suggesting that 96% of Apple iOS14 users are “choosing” the default setting to opt out of tracking, digital marketing performance is likely to change for multi-channel retailers. Consumer engagement with offline and digital channels has changed significantly during lockdown but will customers respond differently when life gets back to normal? Are your marketing channel measures robust enough to spot changes in consumer behaviour? Are they measures you can rely on to make confident decisions on where to spend your marketing budget?  Is your business equipped to respond quickly to a changing environment?

Understanding marketing channel performance has always been a challenge. It is now more important than ever for business leaders to have a neutral measure that attributes sales to channels in a way that gives a true read on performance. In this session, David Lockwood will talk about the channel changes afoot and give ideas on how you can build an attribution model that fractionally allocates the value that each channel brings to a sale. We will then ask the group to share how they approach channel measurement and look forward to a lively debate!

Event details

Date: Friday 21st May 2021

Venue: Zoom Session

Timing: Start 2.00pm, Finish 3.00pm

If you are a retail brand leader and would like to join us, please contact us at [email protected]