The IMRG reported that February 2022 showed the lowest year-on year-growth since it started its market tracker. In doing so, it beat the previous low, which occurred just the month before, in January. 

So has Q1 been a real shocker? Or is measuring year-on-year growth simply distorting reality, and the industry is following its natural tracking pattern? And as life normalises, is retail and ecommerce normalising, or are the economic challenges taking their toll?

April’s Retail Leaders Forum focuses on how 2022 trading has begun. As always, David Lockwood will lead the discussion, sharing what he has seen over Q1 and getting insights from our retail leaders into their experiences as we continue to operate in this uncertain environment


Event details

Date: Friday 8th April 2022

Venue: Zoom 

Timing: Start 2.00pm, Finish 3.00pm

If you are a brand leader and would like to join us, please contact us at [email protected]