Lily Ella, a fashion brand empowering women over 50 since 2013, has chosen Tapestry to steer their marketing team and develop a multi-channel marketing strategy that will allow the brand to make the most of new growth opportunities.

With more channels in the Lily Ella marketing mix and customers engaging with channels in different ways, the brand realised they need to understand more about their customer to develop an effective marketing plan and allocate their marketing budget more wisely across the channels.

Tapestry will start by pulling Lily Ella data together from all customer touchpoints to create a single customer view. Using this data, Tapestry will create a host of customer insight reports, models and analysis to provide deep insight into the Lily Ella customer. This insight will give the evidence needed for strategic development, campaign planning and confident decision making. Customers will also be segmented into meaningful groups for a differentiated, more personalised approach to customer marketing. 

The biggest value that Tapestry will bring to Lily Ella is the senior level multi-channel retail marketing experience that the team uses to interpret the customer data into a marketing plan with strategies and tactics that recruit more profitable customers and retain them.

As part of an end-to-end campaign management programme, Tapestry will plan, measure and optimise Lily Ella’s catalogue mailings. This will help to increase customer retention and drive new customer acquisition growth opportunities.

Simon Glover, Managing Director at Lily Ella, said: “By partnering with Tapestry, we get access to senior marketing expertise to help us execute efficient marketing strategies for growth. Their experience is particularly important to help us explore new opportunities and maximise our marketing spend across a range of channels”.

Robert Colquhoun, Co-founder and CEO at Tapestry, said: “Lily Ella has a loyal customer base and a clear vision for their brand and how they want to grow. We’re looking forward to working with the marketing team to build out a comprehensive marketing plan, as well as advising on channel strategies and tactics through test-and-learn programmes to support that plan.”

About Lily Ella

Lily Ella is a UK-based mail order and online ladieswear brand inspiring women aged 50+ through their timeless collections, exclusive prints and beautiful designs. Founded in 2013 by Zoe Glover, Lily Ella offers a range of style options, from formal eveningwear to practical daywear, in sizes from 10 to 26. The brand focuses on creative, ethical fashion with a personal, human touch. For more information, visit