Customers are interacting with marketing channels differently this year. Multi-channel retailers have seen offline channels such as direct mail, off the page ads and DRTV giving stellar performance in September and PPC, social and display ads are all working well. Response patterns are changing – customers are buying much earlier and more frequently for Christmas and channel costs are changing – PPC prices are predicted to skyrocket as bricks and mortar retailers move online and compete for terms. In this environment, a reliable approach to marketing measurement that attributes sales to the right channels at the right cost is crucial to making the right decisions on marketing spend at the right time. Measurement gives channel control because it gives you the tools to be more responsive to changing market dynamics.

 In this discussion we will be swapping notes on marketing channel performance, talking about the different ways of attributing sales to channels and sharing ways to set up incrementality tests.  

Event details

Date: Friday 16th October  2020

Venue: Zoom Session

Timing: Start 2.00pm, Finish 3.00pm

If you would like to join us, please contact us at [email protected]