Cotton Traders, the quality casualwear and home styles brand, has partnered with Tapestry to gain a more holistic view of channel performance across its business. After a period of rapid digital growth accelerated by the pandemic, Tapestry is working with Cotton Traders to develop a unified measurement system to understand the true performance of all marketing channels and campaigns, particularly online. This will help them move from a traditional offline-first attribution model to a more complete view of channel potential.

The objective is to optimise the Cotton Traders’ marketing budget by giving them the tools to attribute the right level of performance to both online and offline channels. This will help steer monthly spend to the right channel mix for better customer engagement and sales growth.

Once the measurement model has been developed, Tapestry will help Cotton Traders to refine it over time by setting up a series of channel incrementality tests to continually improve measurement and understanding of each channel.

Shona Jameson, Chief Marketing Officer at Cotton Traders, said: “Our rapid online sales growth means we need a more sophisticated way of measuring channel performance. We’ve chosen Tapestry to develop a solution that will enhance our understanding of how our online and offline channels perform. Using this, we’ll be able to allocate our marketing budget more effectively, improve campaign relevancy and deliver business growth.”

Robert Colquhoun, Co-founder and CEO at Tapestry, said: “Cotton Traders is well placed to see further substantial growth in online sales. We’re looking forward to connecting the dots between their various online and offline data sources to provide an early view of how marketing channels are interacting and help justify their digital marketing spend.”

About Cotton Traders

British clothing business, Cotton Traders, was founded in 1987 by former England rugby captains Fran Cotton and Steve Smith. What started as a quest to create quality casuals using breathable fabrics for all shapes and sizes – especially broad rugby shoulders – turned into a brand offering XS to 5XL in all styles from rugby and polo shirts to a contemporary women’s collection. The company also sells footwear, accessories and home and garden ware. To learn more about Cotton Traders, head to